The family of Figures, who died under the rubble of a house after a missile attack, was buried in Dnipro


The Figure family, who died under the rubble of a house after a missile strike, was buried in Dnipro

In Dnipro, an entire family of Figures died as a result of a missile attack. Today, January 20, they were buried.

The family celebrated the holiday. They got together for the first time in a long time.

The Curly family was buried in the Dnieper

On January 20, a farewell ceremony was held in Dnipro for the Figure family. Marina Figurna and her husband Andrei Osinsky came to their parents – Svetlana and Yuri – from Odessa.

Also in the house was Marina's brother – Alexander Figurny with his wife Yana and daughter Anna, who was only 15 years old.

As it became known, only five were identified, since Marina's husband, Andrey Osinsky,is considered missing.

Only Marina's mother, Svetlana, was saved. He is currently in the hospital.

Farewell ceremony for the Figure family/photo “Suspilne”

The Figure family/photo “Suspilne”

What is known about the Curly family

A family of 7 people gathered at home for a holiday. The youngest girl Anya was only 15 years old. Marina and Andrey came to their parents – Yana and Alexander. Together they went to visit their grandparents. The missile hit right at their house.

Their relative, sister Anya, said that today they identified the bodies of everyone except their uncle. Grandma is in intensive care.

The sister of the deceased Anya opened her Instagram page and wrote a farewell post. Under it, people write memories of the girl. They note that she was a good person.

Missile attack on a house in Dnipro

  • On January 17, search work was completed in Dnipro rocket attacks that lasted three days. The employees of the State Emergency Service managed to save 39 people, including six children.
  • Due to the Russian shelling of the Dnieper, 79 people were injured, including 16 children. Rescuers received 47 reports of missing persons, of which 23 people were found dead, 4 people were found alive with relatives, in hospitals.
  • As of January 20, it became known that after the tragedy in Dnipro, there are still no six people are considered missing. The rescue operation has already been completed, but people continue to be searched.
  • By the way, in Dnipro, after the tragedy, a considerable amount of money was found in a destroyed house. The owner of these funds has not yet been found.

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