The fate of those who do not pass the occupiers' filtration camps is unknown, – Denisova.


The fate of those who do not pass the occupiers' filtration camps is unknown, – Denisova.

Ludmila Denisova/facebook Ludmila Denisova

Lyudmila Denisova said that the Russian military forces Ukrainians to go through “filtration” when they escape from the temporarily occupied territories.

According to her, it is known about 4 filtration camps that have been set up near Mariupol. People are kept there before being deported to Russia.

Before entering such a camp, people are forced to go through several checkpoints with a thorough check of documents.

What happens in filtration camps

Ukrainians are subjected to many hours of interrogation, the Russian military checks their documents, phones, personal belongings, photographs and fingerprints. In addition, they are trying to detect civil servants, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the police.

Those who have passed the “filtering” receive the appropriate piece of paper. However, what is the fate of a person in case of failure to pass is unknown.

On the border with Russia, people are also searched, documents and things are checked. Interrogations can last for several hours, and they are conducted by the FSB. Ukrainians who are trying to leave for other countries through the occupied Crimea go through similar procedures.

Where are the “evacuated” Ukrainians taken?

It is known that they are taken to the depressed northern regions of Russia. On April 21, 2022 alone, the Russians brought 308 deported Mariupol residents to Vladivostok, 90 of whom are children. People were placed in schools and hostels. Further accommodation is planned in different settlements of the Primorsky Territory.

In addition, they note that Ukrainians have “problems with the Russian language”, so they are going to teach children according to a “special” program.

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