The father of the triplets, a veteran of the ATO from the Lviv region Petr Yakimov, died in the war


Father of triplets, ATO veteran from Lviv region Petr Yakimov died in the war

Peter Yakimov died in the war/Zhovtanets United Community

Today it became known that the defender of Ukraine Yakimov Petr Maryanovich died in the fight against Russian mercenaries. The man has been fighting since 2014.

The tragedy was reported by the Zhovtanetsk united community. Details about the farewell to the deceased Hero were promised to be announced later.

What is known about the defender

Pyotr Maryanovich was born on July 12, 1990. According to people who knew him, he was a good family man and raised beautiful triplets.

Yakimov devoted all his young years to the struggle for the independence of Ukraine. He was a participant in the ATO and believed in victory over the occupier after a full-scale invasion.

The brutal war against the Russian occupiers is taking the lives of the best Sons of Ukraine,” they wrote on the community page.

< p>To salute the Hero, on April 8, the Day of Mourning was declared in the Zhovtanetsk united community.

The editors of Channel 24 express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of the Hero.

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