The father was detained, and the daughter was “closed”: how Russia destroys the family for the anti-war drawing of a schoolgirl


Father was detained, and daughter was "closed": how Russia destroys a family for an anti-war drawing of a schoolgirl

Russian Aleksey Moskalev was detained in Minsk. A man has been harassed over an anti-war image of his daughter Maria, who is in grade 6.

Principal of the school called the police because of the drawing

RosSMI reports that the story began in the spring of 2022, reports Channel 24. Then Masha drew an anti-war drawing at the lesson. The girl portrayed a woman with a child, on which rockets are flying from Russia. The schoolgirl signed the drawing with the words “No to war” and “Glory to Ukraine”.

Then the school director called the police to the child. The girl was taken to the police station, and a day later the FSB officers came to the school.

The same month, a report was drawn up against Alexei on a senile article about discrediting the Russian army. The reason was an anti-war comment on the social network.

Subsequently, Alexei was found “guilty” of repeatedly discrediting the Russian invaders. The reason was again the comments on the social network. But then the man objected that he wrote them. Alexey complained that his page was hacked.

The schoolgirl is kept in a “rehabilitation center”

Criminal proceedings were opened in the winter of 2022. The man was detained on March 1 and placed under house arrest. Masha is now being held in a “rehabilitation center”. The schoolgirl is not allowed to meet visitors. The girl managed to give her father a letter. In it, Masha writes that dad is her hero.

On the eve of the announcement of the “verdict”, Alex escaped from house arrest. Subsequently, he was detained in Minsk.

They came to the woman because of her appeal to Putin

Meanwhile, the Russian woman Nina Krivoshchekova was approached through a video recorded to Vladimir Putin. Local residents told the bunker grandfather that the road in the village could not be repaired for 35 years. Soon employees of the Center for Combating Extremism came to Nina.

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