The Federation Council threatened the US with a response to the new sanctions

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The Federation Council threatened the US with a response to the new sanctions

Russia will mirror the response to the expulsion of diplomats from the United States and sanctions against government debt. Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov told Interfax about this.

Media reported last week that the United States would soon announce retaliatory measures against malicious acts by Russia, including the possible expulsion of Russian intelligence officers who are in the United States under diplomatic cover.

Yesterday, the media reported that new US sanctions against Russia may affect government debt – American financial institutions may be prohibited from buying debt securities directly from the sovereign wealth fund, the Central Bank and the Russian Ministry of Finance.

Today Dzhabarov, first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on international affairs, expressed confidence that Russia will respond to both of these measures in a mirror image.

“Not less, and maybe even more. We need to find those pain points that will really be very sensitive for America, ”he said.

The senator also expressed the opinion that sanctions against the national debt will not affect Russia, and the United States will suffer from them, because many American legal entities and individuals have invested in it.

“I hope they won't go for this stupidity,” he added.

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