The first feature of the iPhone 14 is named

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The first feature of the iPhone 14 is named

Apple is working on a smartphone without a screen cutout. This was announced on Twitter by a network insider under the nickname MauriQHD.

The blogger said that he knows about the existence of a prototype iPhone that does not have an on-screen cutout for the Face ID sensor. However, in order to fit all the necessary sensors and the earpiece on the front of the device, the engineers had to make the top bezel of the screen wider.

According to MauriQHD, in the generation of Apple smartphones scheduled for 2021, the company will retain the familiar design of the devices. The insider suggested that the prototype described by him can be considered one of the first versions of the American brand's smartphone, which will be released in 2022. Presumably, such a device will be called the iPhone 14, and the lack of a screen notch may become one of the main features of the device.

In a number of other tweets, the blogger noted that he could not share an image of the concept device and was not sure that the disclosed prototype would go into mass production. “I would bet Apple will first reduce the size of the notch on the display,” MauriQHD said.

The American company has been using such an element as a screen cutout in its smartphones since 2017 – the first such device was the iPhone X. In a special notch on the display there is a TrueDepth camera system with a Face ID biometric sensor and an earpiece.

Earlier, Chinese insiders suggested that Apple would postpone the release of the iPhone 13 to 2022. The company decided to abandon the corresponding name, naming the new smartphones of the iPhone 12s series, since the devices planned for the fall of 2021 will slightly differ from the devices of the current generation.

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