The first in the world: the snow-white penguin was filmed

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The first in the world: the snow-white penguin was filmed

The first in the world: the snow-white penguin was filmed Apparently, the bird does not suffer from albinism – its eyes and beak are of normal color.

An absolutely unique white penguin was photographed for the first time in the Galapagos Islands, writes the Daily Mail.

A local guide in the Punta Vicente Roca area on Isabella Island managed to take these pictures and videos in early November. The guide was accompanying tourists during the excursion when he noticed an unusual bird. She stood calmly next to a monitor lizard twice her size.

Zoologists have not yet officially named the species of this bird, but presumably it is the Galapagos penguin (Spheniscus mendiculus). Penguins of this species usually have a black head and two white stripes from the eyes to the chin, as well as a black stripe on the neck.

Apparently, the penguin is not an albino – the color of its eyes and beak is normal.

Most likely, the reason for such an unusual color is leukism. This is a mutation due to which the outer cover of animals partially loses its pigmentation. Leukism can be genetic or acquired.

Cases of albinism or leucism in the Galapagos Islands have previously been reported in finches, sharks, lobsters, lizards and other animals. However, the white penguin has never been seen before.

Let us add that genetic leukism can be inherited. So, when a whole family of white giraffes appeared in Kenya, it was assumed that they could become the ancestors of a new species. It probably would have happened if it weren't for the people. The world's only snow-white female giraffe and her baby were killed by poachers.

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