The first Soviet UFO hunter: How an astronaut was looking for aliens

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The first Soviet UFO hunter: How an astronaut was looking for aliens

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of the legendary cosmonaut Georgy Grechko. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is also known for admitting: we are not alone in the Universe … Moreover, he took part in the only serious expedition in search of an alien spaceship that suffered an accident. And the Chief Designer Sergei Korolev gave him this task himself.

A chidhood dream

Grechko dreamed of getting to the place where the Tunguska meteorite fell from the age of 15. Since then, as in the magazine “Around the world” in 1946 I read a fantastic story by Alexander Kazantsev “Explosion”. In it, the events of June 30, 1908 were explained by the accident of an interplanetary spacecraft …

In 1960, a convenient opportunity finally turned up to go on a business trip to Podkamennaya Tunguska to look for a space guest.

But for this it was necessary to convince his boss, Academician Korolev, in whose design bureau the future cosmonaut worked …

Outwitted the queen

Here Grechko went for a trick … In the early 60s, the space race reached the home stretch. The USSR and the USA grabbed every opportunity to get ahead even a little. Including for such an unusual one as the use of alien technologies. Hypothetically, of course. But suddenly?!

Georgy Grechko slipped Sergei Korolev a 400-page report by self-taught researcher Zolotov, who had visited the site of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite a year earlier. Quite loosely handling the facts, Zolotov categorically stated: a spaceship with an atomic engine exploded there.

Moreover, Grechko knew that this report was not serious, many points were simply far-fetched, or even simply invented. After all, Zolotov stayed in place for only a few days – he physically could not find everything that he described. But the psychological calculation turned out to be correct: Korolev, due to lack of time, read only the introduction and conclusion … became interested … and decided to check:

what if all the same aliens arrived on Earth? As a result, Grechko was given the task to assemble a group and go in search of UFO wreckage. Which he happily did.

The most serious expedition

The expedition was organized on a grand scale. She was allocated not only money from the personal fund of the Queen. The name of the Chief Designer opened all the doors, and therefore the group included many unique scientists: bog scientists, forest scientists, radiation specialists. The group was supplemented by military dosimetrists and signalmen. But the main gift turned out to be a separate helicopter, which lifted the mobility of the expedition literally to the skies …

The first Soviet UFO hunter: How an astronaut was looking for aliens

What Georgy Grechko's expedition did was the basis for the science of the Tunguska meteorite. Several thousand different samples were taken – soil, peat, trees, water, bottom sediments. Thus, many places that were considered funnels from the fall of the “alien” were excluded. Researchers have clarified the area and shape of the fall – this scheme is still used today. They established the point over which the explosion occurred. But the main thing is that no radiation traces from the “explosion of an atomic engine” have been found anywhere.

Did you find the fragment?

When the expedition was coming to an end, Grechko flew to Krasnoyarsk and phoned Korolev from the building of the local KGB through government communications.

The engineer talked for a long time about samples, maps, research. The chief designer interrupted sharply:

– Did you find the wreck of the ship? Not? Then keep looking!

However, despite the band's best efforts, no trace of

the aliens were never found. And we still won the space race without the help of alien technologies …

Later, Georgy Mikhailovich often recalled that if Korolyov had not left so early,

the cosmonaut continued to study the Tunguska bogs, then, perhaps, “something like that” was found sooner or later …


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