The first Ukrainian military arrived in Germany to train on the BMP Marder


The first Ukrainian soldiers arrived in Germany to train on the Marder BMP

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">The first Ukrainian soldiers arrived in the German city of Cologne on January 26 to learn how to work with the Marder BMP. It is expected that Germany will transfer about 40 such vehicles to Ukraine.

It is known that the training of our military should begin in the near future.

Earlier, the German authorities announced plans to transfer about 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Kyiv. The aid package also includes training for Ukrainian crews, which will last approximately eight weeks.

In addition to armored vehicles, the aid package will include:

  • 7 self-propelled anti-aircraft Gepard artillery mounts,
  • additional guided missiles for the Iris-T air defense system,
  • Another Iris-T anti-aircraft missile system.

The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will spend their time in Germany effectively

In Germany, the Ukrainian military also plans to teach how to use the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which the United States will transfer to Ukraine to protect against a Russian military invasion.

In addition, it should start soon training Ukrainian crews to work with German Leopard 2 main battle tanks in the first quarter of 2023.

Help.The Marder (from the German for marten) is a tracked infantry fighting vehicle developed by Rheinmetall in the late 1960s. The high speed of movement over rough terrain allows the BMP to operate in conjunction with Leopard tanks as part of a strike group.

For all the time, about 2000 units were fired. Main characteristics:

  • Weight – 33.5 tons;
  • Crew – 3 people;
  • Landing – 6 – 7 people;
  • Engine – 600 horsepower;
  • Automatic gun – 20 millimeters;
  • Firing range – up to 2.5 kilometers;
  • Rate of fire – up to 800 – 1000 rounds per minute;
  • Maximum speed – 65 kilometers per hour.

It is interesting that back in September, the manufacturer at its own expense resumed 16 Marder for Ukraine, but deliveries blocked by the German government. However, the concern continued to work and talked about the repair of 14 more units. In total, Rheinmetall undertakes to prepare for the delivery of 70 combat vehicles from old stocks.

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