The first vessel with Ukrainian grain will leave the port for Turkey on the morning of August 1


The first vessel with Ukrainian grain will leave the port for Turkey on the morning of August 1

The first vessel with grain will leave the port on the morning of August 1/Channel 24 collage

Ukrainian grain is waiting to be exported. The corresponding agreement on the safety of departures was reached thanks to international organizations.


Technical work continued to send. Now it is reported that the first ship with our grain will leave the port today, August 1.

The first ship from Ukrainian ports will leave today at 08.30, the Turkish side reports.

The Turkish Department of National Defense wrote about the exact time. It was this country and the UN that were the guarantor that the process would be safe. Ukraine and Russia did not sign any agreements with each other, instead, each separately signed agreements with the UN and Turkey.

How ships with grain will move

Ships will move along the so-called “grain corridor”.

Crew and corridor participants have clear instructions. They know how the ship will come from which coordinate. They also know when it enters international territorial waters, who will load it when it enters Turkish territorial waters.

At the same time, the Turkish side noted that the war continues and anything can happen.


Let's add that after 8.30 it was reported that the ship had left the Ukrainian port. The Ukrainian side has not yet officially confirmed this fact.

Subsequently, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov said that the ship was expected to leave the port of Odessa at 9:15. We are talking about the ship RAZONI, which, under the flag of Sierra Leone, is heading to the port of Tripoli in Lebanon. It will move along the corridor, the security of which was confirmed by the guarantor partners – the UN and Turkey. There are 26,000 tons of Ukrainian corn on board.

What is known about the grain agreement

  • Ukraine has signed agreements on opening grain corridors. Russia, within the framework of these agreements, promised not to block our ports, so that we would be able to export products. The contract was signed in Istanbul with the role of the UN and Turkey.
  • At the same time, Turkey benefited from the signing of such an agreement. The state was promised priority in meeting the needs associated with grain. It will also be able to buy it cheaper than other countries in the world.
  • Russia, on the other hand, violated the agreement, not even holding out for a day. The next day, in the morning, the invaders attacked the port of Odessa. At that time, grain was stored there, ready for export. This was the response of the world community. the Russians have once again shown what deals with them are worth.

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