The flagship of the Russian fleet sank our “Neptune” – Reznikov on the prospects of Ukrainian weapons


The flagship of the Russian fleet sank our Neptune, – Reznikov on the prospects of Ukrainian weapons

Ukraine has the capacity to develop the defense sector, in particular, the partners highly appreciated the prospects for Ukrainian weapons. It was the Ukrainian Neptune who managed to sink the Russian flagship.

Ukrainian weapons are promising

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said this in an interview with a military journalist Alexander Vizgin. In the conversation, the minister noted that it was the effectiveness of Ukrainian weapons that became the prerequisite for cooperation with Western partners.

The flagship of the Russian fleet sank thanks to the Ukrainian Neptune, and not to any other great anti-ship weapon. When the president, the prime minister, and I begged our partners to give us anti-ship weapons, they didn't give them to us, they say, it's “too early”. And only when we sent a Russian warship to the appropriate address with the Neptune, after that a political decision was made – we can be given anti-ship weapons for destruction, – said Oleksiy Reznikov.

Ukrainian “Stugni” are no worse “Javelins”

The Minister also stressed that other Ukrainian weapons – “Stugni”, “Corsairs” showed themselves well. Ukraine is negotiating with colleagues and partners to receive certain weapons in exchange for our developments. After all, our Stugni proved to be no worse than the Javelina.

We have something to do, we can certainly do it. The same “Storks” and “Furies” are drones that are produced by our private companies. We order them all the time, they are respected in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Reznikov added.

How cooperation with partners is possible

But he stressed that he sees the prospect of creating joint for the repair, restoration, maintenance, repair of Western equipment.

“This is beneficial for our partners. Because we now have the knowledge of how it fights here. This is a testing ground – it's honest. We have common interests,” Alexey Reznikov explained.

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