The Foreign Ministry responded to the calls of the Georgian authorities to resume flights between Tbilisi and Moscow


The Foreign Ministry responded to the calls of the Georgian authorities to resume flights between Tbilisi and Moscow

The head of the Georgian pro-government party called for the restoration of direct flights between Tbilisi and Moscow. However, this is disadvantageous, first of all, for Georgia itself.

He voiced his statement in response to the praise from the Russian Foreign Minister to the Georgian government about not joining the Western sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. In a commentChannel 24 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine commented on this cynicism.

Tbilisi and Moscow exchange curtsies amid Russia's unpunished crimes against the Georgian people and the occupation of part of Georgian territory. We also believe that such pro-Russian rhetoric does not correspond to the spirit of friendly and strategic relations between Ukraine and Georgia, it contradicts the Georgian course towards gaining membership in the European Union, – said the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko.

Nikolenko stressed that Ukraine – both at the level of the government and at the level of the people – has always stood side by side with Georgia, especially in some of the most difficult days of its history.

“Political meanness”: the Foreign Ministry reminded Georgia of Russia's crimes

Therefore, the lack of effective solidarity with Ukraine on the part of some Georgian politicians against the backdrop of Russia's attempts to destroy Ukrainians in a genocidal war is political meanness.

The support of our state by the official authorities of Georgia in opposing the aggression of Russia and the de-occupation of Ukrainian territory is in the interests of not only Ukraine, but also Georgia,” Nikolenko added.

Important! At the moment, there is a pro-Russian government in Georgia that refuses to help Ukraine. Chargé d'Affaires for Ukraine in Georgia, Andrey Kasyanov, said that Kyiv had applied to Tbilisi with a request to provide not only air defense systems, but also Javelin systems – they refused.

Disagreements remain between Ukraine and Georgia on military assistance, the introduction of a regime bilateral sanctions against the Kremlin, the introduction of a visa regime for Russian citizens fleeing en masse to Georgia, as well as the observance of the legitimate rights and interests of Mikheil Saakashvili.

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