The FSB is working with him to convince the staff, – Kosharnaya on the detention of the general director of ZNPP


The FSB is working with him to convince him personnel, – Kosharnaya on the detention of the ZNPP Director General

The Russian occupiers detained Igor Murashov, Director General of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, for allegedly temporary interrogation. Now it is not known where he is.

After the arrest of Murashov, it was assumed that Russia wants to put pressure on the IAEA, but the reason is different. This opinion Channel 24 was voiced by Olga Kosharnaya, an expert on nuclear energy and security.

According to her, the plant’s general director was actually kidnapped in order to “psychologically treat him.”

I am sure that the FSB is now working with him to convince the ZNPP personnel to agree to the conditions put forward by the Russian occupiers. This is their goal, – the expert emphasized.

She believes that Rosatom does not plan to take over ZNPP. However, they want to create an energy structure, a “laying company”, as it was in the occupied Crimea. All in order not to fall under the sanctions.

If this happens, we should expect a “legal vacuum” associated with licenses and legislation. That is, if Russia joins the nuclear power plant to some of its structures and proclaims that this is their plant, then the personnel must have Russian licenses. However, no one will agree to this, the staff for sure.

The reaction of the IAEA and Ukraine

  • The IAEA reported that it had appealed to the Russian authorities with a request for clarification regarding the information about the detention of the Director General of Zaporizhzhya NPP.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemned the unlawful detention of Murashov by Russian occupiers.

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