The gamer has declassified the drawings of the tank for the sake of the reliability of the game

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The gamer declassified the drawings of the tank for the sake of the reliability of the game

The gamer posted on the network a secret document with the characteristics of the British Challenger 2 tank. Writes about this UK Defense Journal.

The user saw that the model of a combat vehicle looked unreliable in the Russian-made computer game War Thunder, and decided to help the developers. He posted excerpts from the Military Equipment Maintenance Manual (AESP) on the forum.

The player introduced himself on the forum as the instructor and commander of the Challenger 2 tank from Tidworth. The Royal Tank Regiment is based there, which is armed with such combat vehicles.

Despite the fact that the document had a stamp on the removal of the secrecy stamp, a number of signs indicated the opposite. In particular, many paragraphs of the text were shaded, and everything on the cover was shaded except for “CHALLENGER 2”.

The developers of the game later said that they sent the document for verification to the UK Department of Defense, and received a written response that this information is still classified.

In May 2020, the soldiers of the Fort Hood military base, which is located in the state of Texas, USA, practiced their combat skills in the game War Thunder. Soldiers, who usually operate M1A2 Abrams tanks as part of a group of four, received personal tanks in the game. It was explained that with the help of this, the military can improve their ability to work in different positions, since they usually occupy one in the group: the commander, shooter, loader or driver.

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