The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must understand where the bluff is, – a military analyst on Russia's tactics regarding the offensive


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must understand where the bluff is, – military analyst about Russian tactics regarding the offensive

Levin explained the illusions of the Russian offensive/Channel 24 Collage

The invaders are trying to create the illusion of an assault in several directions at once. Therefore, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must understand the tactics of the Russians in order to understand where the invaders are bluffing and where they are really planning an offensive.


Military analyst Yigal Levin told about this Channel 24. He believes that one should not rush to conclusions that the Russians want to attack simultaneously and everywhere.

He noted that according to the art of war, if you are planning a main offensive, this does not mean that in in other directions, nothing needs to be done.

According to him, in this case, it is necessary, as the infidels do, to tie down the forces of the enemy, try to deceive the enemy by creating the illusion that there will be offensives in other directions.

The analyst explained that war is a constant art of deception, because you must constantly outplay, deceive and “jump over” the enemy.

Levin says it makes perfect sense if the Russian military wants to create the illusion of an offensive in multiple directions:

  • that they will attack Kharkov,
  • that Belarus will join the war,
  • that there will be an offensive in the northern directions,
  • that they are trying to reach the borders of the Donetsk region
  • that they are trying to advance along the Dnieper River in side of Zaporizhzhia
  • and they may still announce some kind of landing in Odessa.

“And you don't have to be a military expert to understand that < strong>they don't have the strength for all this at all. And this suggests that somewhere there will be the main effort, but they will create pressure in other areas as well. For example, try to attack Kharkiv or Bakhmut,” the expert believes.

He stressed that no one can know for sure whether the Russians are really fettering the Armed Forces of Ukraine in some areas, whether there will be a real offensive And here the main thing in war is guessing.

When the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine receives information, it analyzes and reacts to it. And he must sort everything out and understand where the bluff and deceit are, and where there will be real heavy fighting. Therefore, the main thing is to understand exactly where the strike will be, Levin said. h2>

  • The occupiers keep trying to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk region. To do this, the Russian invaders are trying to advance and storm our positions, according to the morning summary of the General Staff of August 4.
  • If we talk about the Slavic direction, then the enemy there continues to shell everything around. Not without attempts to advance the army of infidels. They wanted to go in the direction of Dovgenkiy – Bogorodichny, but they not only gave a worthy rebuff to the enemy, but also forced him to retreat.
  • As for the Kramatorsk direction, there were also enemy shelling. The offensive battle took place in the direction of Yaremovka – Dolina. But even there the enemy did not have a chance of success, so he had to retreat.
  • The enemy beat him with cannon and rocket artillery in the Bakhmut direction. The invaders tried to improve their tactical position. We are talking about the directions of Stryapovka – Soledar, Dolomitnoe – Maiskoye, Vozrozhdeniye – Top, Pokrovskoye – Bakhmut, Vasilyevka – Yakovlevka, Semigorye – Top. But the occupiers failed to achieve the desired result on any of them.
  • In addition, the occupiers carried out assault actions in the directions of Lozovoye – Sands and Vesele – Sands. There, too, everything was unsuccessful, so I had to retreat.

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