The German government will provide 150 million euros to support Ukraine


Government Germany will provide 150 million euros to support Ukraine

Ukraine will receive assistance from Germany, – Shmihal/Denys Shmygal's telegram

International partners continue to help Ukraine in every possible way, which has thrown all its forces and resources into the fight against the invaders. The civilized world has given us a friendly shoulder and provides all possible benefits.

The Ukrainian government is in constant contact with colleagues from other countries and international organizations. Active work is underway to maintain a stable economic situation in Ukraine, protecting the civilized world from Russian invaders.

Help from Germany

According to Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmihal, Germany will provide Ukraine with 150 million euros. The German Cabinet of Ministers has already adopted the corresponding decision at a meeting held on May 17.

It is also reported that in this way, the amount of financial assistance to Ukraine from Germany will increase to 300 million euros. It is reported that all these funds will be used to cover priority social spending, as well as priority needs for the restoration of Ukraine.

Support for Ukraine: breaking news in brief

  • The United States of America, in addition to the embargo on Russian oil, is proposing to the G7 countries to impose a duty on Russian energy resources. This would keep cheap Russian oil on the market, but reduce the profits that infidels receive. The United States proposes to use the funds received as a duty to restore Ukraine.
  • Ukraine wants to receive from the world not just individual weapons, but their organic unity. This would significantly increase the effectiveness of our troops in the fight against the Rashists. First of all, we are talking about counter-battery weapons, command and control vehicles, UAVs for targeting, air defense/missile defense systems for cover.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry, represented by Lavrov, was again marked by loud accusations from the West, they say, everyone conspired against Russia and want to destroy it. Lavrov tried to lie that Ukraine is not subject, invented the participation of London and Washington in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Also, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry is offended by Germany, which did not want to be the apostate of the invaders and sided with Ukraine.

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