The Guardian told how many Russians fighting in Ukraine were recruited by the PKK “Wagner”


The Guardian told how many Russians fighting in Ukraine were recruited by the PKK

Western intelligence officials claim that Wagner NPCs play an important role in the Russian invasion. They also told how many Russians the Wagnerites managed to recruit.

Every fourth Russian fighting in Ukraine is recruited by the Wagner PPK. The Guardian writes about this, referring anonymously to a representative of Western intelligence.

Western intelligence assessed the effectiveness of the Wagner PPK in the Donetsk region

In general, the official emphasized that Prigozhin's army is playing an increasingly significant role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He also assessed the effectiveness of the Wagnerites in the Bakhmut direction.

According to him, the success of the Wagnerites in the Donetsk region is limited. He assures that the pace of their progress is rather slow.

The militants of the PKK “Wagner” sometimes need two weeks to take one house, – the source notes.

What is known about Prigozhin's militants

  • It should be noted that Yevgeny Prigozhin is the founder of PIK “Wagner”. His militants are involved in the fighting in Ukraine.
  • Reuters recently reported that the Wagner Air Force now has approximately 50,000 mercenaries. Of these, more than 4,100 have already been killed and 10,000 wounded. According to media reports, more than a thousand mercenaries were liquidated from late November to early December near Bakhmut.
  • Prigogine is actively recruiting criminals into his army. Recently, he met with the Wagner convicts and cleared all their criminal records.
  • At the same time, Prigozhin announced that he had released the first batch of criminals recruited for the war in Ukraine from places of detention, and all criminal records were also cleared from them. He said society should treat them “with respect.”
  • The head of the Wagner PPK claims that many of those who were in the camps remained only a few days before they were released, they went to the war of conquest, because “they simply wanted to defend their homeland.”
  • The US State Department recently reported that, according to reports, Prigozhin's army received weapons from North Korea through third countries.

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