The GUR explained why Russia is preparing a demonstration trial of prisoners in Mariupol


The GUR explained why Russia is preparing a demonstration trial of prisoners in Mariupol

Why Russia is preparing a demonstration trial of prisoners in Mariupol/Mariupol City Council

Ukrainian intelligence is convinced that the trial, which is being prepared by the Russian invaders over the Ukrainian military in Mariupol, is aimed at intimidating the Ukrainian population. philharmonic. The representative of the press service of the GUR Andrey Yusov said on the air of the telethon that the Russians are equipping cages on the stage to intimidate the Ukrainians, writes Channel 24.

the Russians want destabilize the military and Ukrainians

Andrey Yusov said that in this way the Russians exert moral pressure on the Ukrainian defenders who are in captivity, as well as on the entire Ukrainian society and native defenders. The goal is to “intimidate and destabilize Ukraine” by continuing to spread propaganda and call the defenders of their country “fascists”.

This does not stop Ukraine in defending its territory, including in the struggle for the return of its defenders… The coordinating headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war continues to fight, negotiations are ongoing for Ukrainian defenders to return home, Yusov said.

He recalled that any illegal trials arranged by Russia are not legitimate either for Ukraine or for the whole world.

By the way, recently investigators managed to establish an occupier who tortured a military man in Ukrainian uniform. The Tuvan Ochur-Suge Mongush, born in 1993, turned out to be a war criminal. Moreover, the investigators even talked to the executioner. He tried to deny his involvement, but gave himself away, entangled in his testimony.

Poland reproached the West with Mariupol.

Meanwhile, Poland is trying to get the world to even more actively provide assistance to Ukraine, in particular , the West was reminded of Mariupol. Poland is convinced that if the Ukrainian army had received HIMARS earlier, the Mariupol tragedy could have been avoided. In this case, the Ukrainian army would be able to prevent the Russian invaders from entering the city. At the same time, the Polish side is confident that Ukraine will definitely win the war.

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