The GUR told whether Ukraine will receive Leopard tanks


The GUR told whether Ukraine will receive Leopard tanks

Leopard tanks will still be in Ukraine. However, the public presentation of this decision is still being discussed.

Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said this on the air of the Espresso TV channel, writes 24 Channel.

Consensus already formed

According to him, there is a breakthrough on the provision of military assistance to Ukraine.

Over the past year, the free world has gone through tectonic steps and changes in understanding the situation in Ukraine, perception of Russia and readiness to help Ukraine. Everything that we see in the help of air defense, missile defense and armored vehicles is already a breakthrough,” Yusov emphasized.

He also noted that with regard to tanks, Ukraine has not yet seen the final announcement of a public decision, but the consensus is already formed.

“The partners' common position on the need for Ukraine's victory has already been formed, and for this we definitely need tanks, including Leopard 2 tanks,” Yusov explained.

Ramstein results “: the main thing

  • Lloyd Austin confirmed that the US and Germany will not give tanks yet. One of the reasons given is that it will take a short time to train on the Abrams.
  • The US Chief of Staff said that the Allies are focused on helping Ukraine to make it successful on the battlefield right now.
  • The states will try to use the “window of opportunity between now and spring” to prepare the Armed Forces as much as possible.
  • The UK and several EU countries will transfer their main tanks, in particular the Challenger 2.
  • Austin said that Canada has purchased a NASAMS air defense system for Ukraine.
  • The Pentagon believes that this year it will be difficult for Ukrainians to push Russian troops out of the entire occupied territory of Ukraine, but this does not mean that this cannot happen. They say it will be “very, very” hard.

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