The GUR told with which countries Russia is actively negotiating weapons


The GUR told with which countries Russia is actively negotiating weapons

Russia lacks artillery shells, but it continues to attempt an offensive in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin is also trying to negotiate with “friends” for arms assistance.

Major General Vadim Skibitsky, Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, told the telethon that they have documents on the development of Russian cooperation and the intentions and plans of the Kremlin to receive ammunition, rockets and other equipment, Channel 24 reports.

In which countries the Kremlin asks for weapons

Vadim Skibitsky said that Russia is looking for weapons from other countries because of the shortage of ammunition.

We know for sure that they (the Russians – Channel 24) are actively working with Iran. Yes, negotiations are indeed underway with the same Myanmar, with the countries of the African continent, the Middle East, – said the intelligence representative.

The Major General explained that Russia sent delegations from the Ministry of Defense, foreign intelligence services, other Russian departments and ministries to get as much ammunition and other weapons for the war as possible.

According to the intelligence officer, it should be taken into account that all countries understand that it is possible to fall under the sanctions of the international community. Also, many states are looking at what could be the results of Russia's offensive actions against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What is known about the help to the Kremlin from Iran

Vadim Skibitsky said that Iran supplies Russia with ammunition. In addition, Moscow wants to get more drones and ballistic missiles from Tehran.

When applied to ballistic missiles, there are many factors. Iran itself is under international conventions, UN Security Council resolutions. Russia is trying to get (ballistic missiles – Channel 24), but so far there is no exact information about the transfer of these weapons to Russia, – said the Ukrainian major general.

According to him, so far Iran has taken a wait-and-see attitude. Although Tehran needs from Russia the so-called “latest weapons”, nuclear energy technology, missile programs.

Note! Regarding Syria, Vadim Skibitsky said that the country depends on Russia. As for what Damascus can give as a replacement, we are talking about Syrian mercenaries. However, there is no evidence of this or the direct presence of Syrians in the occupied territories. However, their ammunition, S-300 and other weapons are being transported to Ukraine from Syria.

From whom Russia asks for help

  • At the end of February 2023, Kirill Budanov told the Voice of America “that practically almost the only country that actually transfers more or less serious weapons to Russia is Iran.
  • According to the intelligence officer, there was information that something was coming from North Korea, but so far there is no confirmation of this.
  • The head of Ukrainian intelligence said that Russia is simply trying to acquire anywhere and anything. The Russians have significant problems.
  • According to Budanov, Serbia refused to transfer weapons. Russia is also trying to buy weapons through third countries – to import weapons on a more or less large scale. Now they are trying with Myanmar.

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