The happiest country in the world named

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The happiest country in the world named

The happiest country in the world has been named – Finland. Yle writes about this with reference to the World Happiness Report.

The country has topped the rating for the fourth time in a row. The top ten happiest countries include Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Austria.

The US ranked 14th, the UK 18th, and France 20th. Russia took 60th place. Among the countries of the former USSR, Estonia and Lithuania have the best indicators – they are in 28th and 29th places, respectively.

The most unfortunate countries were Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

The World Happiness Report is compiled annually by the United Nations and evaluates 149 countries around the world. To make a rating, experts take into account such indicators as life expectancy, social support, corruption, GDP per capita, the quality of social systems, the level of freedom.

The World Happiness Report was first released in 2012.

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