The head of the patrol of the Lviv region was disgraced with a gift to his beloved: he was removed


The head of the Lviv region patrol disgraced himself with a gift to his beloved: he was suspended

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Head of the Patrol Police Department of the Lviv region Roman Pylypenko gave his girlfriend a “pass” to Rynok Square. This is a pedestrian zone and passing through this square is prohibited.

A video is being circulated on the net, in which the head of the patrol police department in the Lviv region, Roman Pylypenko, gives his girlfriend a pass to pass through Rynok Square in Lviv.

Why is this an “illegal” pass

Passing through Rynok Square is prohibited and only residents who live within the historical square with special passes. Also, cars loading and unloading goods and products have the right to enter the Square, but also according to the rules and at certain hours.

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