The heroic defense of Bakhmut – the Pentagon dotted the “and” relative to its position


The heroic defense of Bakhmut - the Pentagon dotted the

Lloyd Austin said that the United States supports the decision of Vladimir Zelensky on Bakhmut. The head of the Pentagon stressed: the Ukrainians in this city are doing something extraordinary.

Rammstein 10 took place on March 15th. Alexei Reznikov said he was optimistic. During the meeting, they talked, in particular, about the strengthening of air defense, the supply of ammunition, training and the formation of an “armored fist”.

How Lloyd evaluates Bakhmut's defense

The head of the Pentagon stressed that the Ukrainians did something extraordinary in the Bakhmut area. Russian invaders have been trying to capture the city for 7 months. At the same time, the enemy failed to succeed. All thanks to the efforts of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As for the significance of this city. President Zelensky is fighting his own, he is specifically involved in making decisions about what is important and what is not important for defense. If Zelensky says that we need to regroup, this does not mean that the war is lost,” Lloyd emphasized.

He added that it is the Ukrainians who will decide where to stay and how long to defend. The states will support any decision by Zelensky.

In addition, the head of the Pentagon stressed that a turning point had come in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The international coalition must provide Ukraine with everything necessary to combat Russian aggression.

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