The idea of the “Russian world” is not in trend: the media revealed the Kremlin's plans for the fifth re-election of Putin


The idea of the

Russia is smoothly preparing for the presidential elections, which will be held in 2024. The Kremlin has already formed “ideological guidelines”, and journalists have revealed plans for Putin's re-election.

Journalists, citing their sources, unveiled the new strategy of the Kremlin before the presidential elections in 2024. It involves the creation of the image of a “custodian of traditional values” around Vladimir Putin.

Emphasis on “moral excellence”

As they say in the publication, the Kremlin plans to present Putin as a “custodian of traditional values” at the next presidential election. But that is not all. Another point that they want to emphasize is Russia's “moral superiority” over other states of the world.

Note that work on the creation of a new image did not begin yesterday, but on the eve of a full-scale invasion. The interlocutor, close to the Kremlin, told reporters about the “conservative isolationist ideology.” It was she who was elected in order to conduct a new presidential campaign. And they began to “develop” it at the end of 2021.

The idea of the “Russian world” is no longer needed

Before the start of a full-scale invasion, the Kremlin speculated that the idea of a “Russian world” should be replaced by another. It should be the theme of “anti-Western conservatism.” It should be used in their rhetoric by both officials and propagandists.

As for the voters, they planned to present a new image of Russia. We are talking about the so-called “state in itself.” A country that supposedly preserves its own traditions and, if it interacts with the world, is rather limited. Such a DPRK at the minimum.

Now the developments in the Kremlin have undergone certain adjustments. Thus, the theme of the “Russian world”, which is close to many states that once were part of the USSR, should become part of the concept of the “state in itself.”

Meanwhile, another project is brewing in Russia. We are talking about the “DNA of Russia”. He is working on the study of the so-called “Russian worldview”. It is interesting that it is not really clear what is meant by this “worldview”.

Journalists suggest that we are talking about certain “value constants” that are “characteristic” of Russia throughout history. Among them, “community, a sense of duty and super-goals, existential stability and the priority of the intangible over the mercantile” are singled out.

Putin must outperform

  • A closed seminar was also held in Russia. During it, they were thinking about a new presidential campaign. Based on the results of the discussion, we came to the conclusion that Putin should get better results than in 2018.
  • Then 76.69% of voters voted for him, and the turnout was at the level of 67.54%. For comparison, in 2012 – 63.6% and 65.34%, respectively. That is, every time you need higher, better and stronger, so to speak.
  • In case you forgot, Putin was elected president in 2000, 2004, 2012 and 2018. Only in 2008 did his puppet Dmitry Medvedev win the election.

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