The immunologist has revealed the features of the “lambda” strain of coronavirus

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The immunologist has revealed the features of the

Immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov revealed the features of the “lambda” strain of the coronavirus. The doctor of medical sciences told about it on the air of “Radio 1”.

According to him, this mutation is a reflection of the natural mutation process of the virus, which adapts to changing external conditions. The “Lambda” strain is more adaptable, more resistant, more infectious, more capable of spreading around the world, the doctor said.

The specialist said that the new design gives this coronavirus mutation an advantage in reproduction and it began to displace all the others. At the same time, the specialist added that this strain will quickly infect those who have not been vaccinated and have not been ill.

Earlier, the Public Health Agency of England listed the symptoms of a new strain of coronavirus. Scientists believe that the “lambda” strain differs from others by mutations in the spike protein, which affects the degree of infectivity. However, at the moment, the researchers have no data that the virus is capable of provoking a more severe course of COVID-19. The main symptoms also do not differ from the rest of the strains. Scientists rank among them a fever, continuous cough, loss of smell and taste.

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