The intention of Russia in negotiations with the West on security issues revealed

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Political scientist Sauer: Russia's efforts to bring NATO to the negotiating table are “useful and timely”

The intention of Russia in negotiations with the West on security issues revealed

Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Tom Sauer, professor of international politics at the Belgian University of Antwerp, revealed Russia's vision for the West. In an interview with, he suggested that Moscow is trying to use the tense situation around Ukraine to bring the US and NATO to the negotiating table and discuss more fundamental issues of European security.

The political scientist explained that relations between Russia and the West have reached an extremely low level due to the real risk of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine. According to him, such a move could lead to serious resistance from Kiev, which will receive support from the West, and to new tough sanctions against Moscow. At the same time, the Russian side can “legitimize” its actions, pointing out the increased supply of weapons to Ukraine and NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea.

Sauer stressed that it is difficult to understand the exact intent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “But one of his goals seems to be to get the West to start serious negotiations not only on Ukraine’s position, but also on the future of European security in a broader sense, including the role of Russia,” he said. The specialist stressed that such efforts by Russia are “useful and timely”, but the tools chosen to achieve this goal are “not ideal.”

Earlier, negotiations between Russia and the United States on security guarantees began in Geneva. The meeting is held in a closed format. The main topics of the Russian-American consultations are the issue of non-deployment of medium and short-range missiles near Russian borders, the refusal to further expand NATO at the expense of the former Soviet republics and the reduction in the number of military exercises. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin have been appointed heads of the Russian delegation.

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