The invaders are advancing on Slavyansk, Lysychansk and Bakhmut: what is the situation at the front


The invaders are advancing on Slovyansk, Lisichansk and Bakhmut: what is the situation at the front

APU continues to destroy the enemy/Channel 24 Collage

Ukrainian military continue to courageously resist Russian aggression. The most difficult situation is now in the Donbass. The invaders continue to try to advance in a number of directions.

This was reported in the morning report of the General Staff on June 29.

The enemy is planning an offensive to Slavyansk

The Russian military is trying to conduct assault operations in the Slavyansk direction.At present, their plans include reaching the Bogorodichnoye-Krasnopolye line. This will allow the enemy to create conditions for an attack on Barvenkovo, as well as Slavyansk. In addition, the invaders fired at the positions of our military near Mayakov and Serebryanka.

The invaders are advancing on Slavyansk, Lisichansk and Bakhmut: what is the situation at the front

Map of hostilities near Slavyanskaya/Screenshot of liveuamap

As for the Donetsk direction, there is an enemy conducts hostilities in the Lisichansk and Bakhmut directions. Infidels carry out retaliatory actions for a reason. They seek to surround Lisichansk, in order to completely capture it later. As for the direction of the same name, the enemy is advancing there in the direction of Volchoyarka – Verkhnekamenka.

It is also restless in the Bakhmut direction. Kafirs there advance in the directions Mednaya Ryzhaya – Klinovo.Over the past day, the enemy managed to achieve partial success in the northern part of Klinovoye, as well as the E-40 highway. We are talking about the area near the Uglegorsk TPP.

The General Staff noted that the enemy had reinforced his grouping with one battalion tactical group. The infidels did this in order to be able to maintain the pace of the offensive in this direction. The enemy transferred the enemy to two battalion tactical groups from the Avdeevka and Bakhmut areas to Novopavlovsky.then there were no active actions on the part of the occupiers. The enemy continues to do everything to literally fetter the actions of our military. To do this, the enemies generously pour fire on them. This, of course, does not allow to overturn the troops in other directions.

In the south, the enemy is trying to hold the occupied lines.

South-Bug and Tauride directions.There, the enemy is trying to hold the lines that he occupied earlier. In addition, the infidels are doing everything possible to prevent our military from counterattacking in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions.

The enemy transferred to the Krivoy Rog direction in one battalion tactical group. He did this in order to strengthen his existing divisions.

The invaders are advancing on Slavyansk, Lisichansk and Bakhmut: what is the situation at the front

Map of hostilities in the south/Screenshot of liveuamap

Nikolaev direction. Russian fighters deployed the S-300VM anti-aircraft battery. They did this to cover the areas in which enemy weapons and equipment are concentrated.

Volynskoye and Polesye directions.There, according to the General Staff, the combat readiness of the Belarusian troops is being checked. Available information indicates that between June 28 and July 16, military meetings will be held in the Gomel region. Russia's apostate countries liable for military service will take part in them.

It should also be remembered that the risk of attacks from Belarus remains. The enemy can launch missiles and also launch airstrikes. Do not ignore the air raid signals.

Seversk direction. Up to three battalion tactical groups of the enemy are based on the territories of the Bryansk and Kursk regions adjacent to our border. They are part of 1 tank and 20 combined arms armies, as well as paratrooper units. In addition, artillery shelling of the border regions of the Sumy and Chernihiv regions does not stop.

Grad multiple launch rocket systems have also been deployed near the state border. With them, the enemy can hit the Sumy region.

Kharkov direction. Here the enemy continues to hold the lines occupied earlier. To clarify where our positions are located, the enemy carried out aerial reconnaissance. Infidels flew drones in the areas of Tsirkunov, as well as Kutuzovka.

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