The invaders have already fired more than 500 obsolete S-300 missiles in Ukraine, not all of them reached the target


Occupiers have already fired more than 500 obsolete S-300 missiles in Ukraine, not all of them reached their target

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the enemy has fired more than 500 outdated S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile systems into Ukraine . This indicates a shortage of high-precision weapons.

As noted in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, some of these missiles did not reach the target.

Thus, over the past day, the enemy launched more than 10 missile and 24 air strikes on military and civilian targets on the territory of our state.

In particular, civilian infrastructure in areas of settlements suffered:

  • Pobeda,
  • Gusarovka,
  • Novomikhailovka,
  • Belogorye.

The threat of systematic massive air and missile strikes against military and critical infrastructure throughout Ukraine continues to persist.

Pay attention! The S-300 missile is a difficult target for air defense. Its flight speed is 1500 meters per second, and it also has low radar visibility. However, thanks to the Strizh, RM-75, Saman, Pishchal target missiles, it is possible to imitate high-speed aircraft and interrupt the flight of the S-300 missile.

Why did the enemy start hitting ground targets with S-300 missiles

Defense Express military expert Ivan Kirichevski recalled that S-300 air defense systems are designed to fight aircraft in the air. However, according to Kirichevskiy, the Soviet S-300 systems had the option of firing at ground targets.

But the specifics of their targeting at ground targets is very complicated. You need to know the coordinates of the target literally to the millimeter,” the military expert emphasized.

He added that it is difficult for the invaders to direct missiles on their own, so spotters help him. Thanks to the information they are transmitting, the Russians are launching attacks with S-300 missiles, in particular, on Nikolaev.

At the same time, according to a military expert, there is a positive moment in these rocket attacks.

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