The KMVA warned that Russia is stepping up air attacks on Kyiv


CMVA warns that Russia is stepping up air attacks on Kiev

< p _ngcontent-sc99="" class="news-annotation">On the night of May 8, Russia attacked Kiev using Iranian Shahed 136/131 attack drones. The air defense forces shot down all the kamikaze drones, but the debris damaged some buildings in the capital.

Since the beginning of May, the enemy has been increasing the intensity of attacks on Kiev. About thisChannel 24Mikhail Shamanov, a representative of the Kiev City Military Administration, said. According to him, the Russian army uses both kamikaze drones and missiles. They are constantly probing for weaknesses in the air defense of the capital and trying to bypass our air defense system. Fortunately, today the air defenses worked perfectly, shooting down all 35 air targets in the sky over the Kiev region.

“We hope that in the future we will receive Western air defense systems. Not only Patriot air defense systems, because it is not entirely appropriate to spend them on Shahed. There are many other air defense systems that can effectively counter kamikaze drones. The number of mobile groups hunting for Shahed is also increasing. still on the way to the capital,” Shamanov said.

Mikhail Shamanov about the night attack on the capital: watch the video

According to him, today there are speculations in the information space that the intensity of air strikes is connected with the approach of May 9th. The representative of the KMVA believes that such stuffing creates an atmosphere of anxious expectation and panic.

I would not become attached to the date. We are strong Ukrainians, we will survive everything. I urge everyone not to neglect the rules of conduct during an air raid and go down to the shelter,” Shamanov emphasized.

What is known about the night attack on Kiev

  • The air raid alert in Kiev sounded late in the evening of May 7th. Some time later, the Kyiv city military administration reported that air defense was working.
  • Russian terrorists launched 35 “Shaheds” at the capital from the territory of the Bryansk region. Fragments of downed drones fell in Svyatoshinsky and Solomensky districts of the capital. Unfortunately, there are residents, cars and houses affected.
  • The wreckage of one of the drones was found on the runway at the Zhuliany International Airport.

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