The Kremlin actually warned about the retreat from the Kherson direction: what to expect from the Russians


The Kremlin actually warned about the retreat from the Kherson direction: what to expect from the Russians

The Russians can indeed secretly hint about their retreat from the Right Bank of the Kherson region. At the same time, such rhetoric may result in a series of provocations from the occupiers.

Statements by the Russian military command and Kremlin propagandists about leaving Kherson are “logical”, but cause concern. Ivan Stupak, an expert from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, told about this.

The expert noted that, at first glance, Surovikin's words about “difficult decisions” look like a warning to retreat.

Surovikin, unlike his predecessors, who were “no-names”, officially came out and read the text about this. Such news is encouraging and very encouraging , but at the same time, one must be very careful in evaluating this story, because it is alarming when the Russians prepare their departure in advance. – the observer explained.

Why in Russia they are hinting at leaving Kherson: watch the video

According to him, in this situation, after all you need to expect provocations from the Russians: blowing up a dam or a dam, mining bridges, shelling evacuated people who can later pass off as the actions of Ukraine.

“We are now fantasizing about the most real options, but in In the case of Russia, they can all be. The occupiers can also fire at people, as was the case in the Zaporozhye region. Then there were many dead and the Russians blamed all of Ukraine. Russian adherents of the war also say that they will retreat, but this is also very embarrassing< /strong>”, Stupak concluded.

Surovikin’s resonant statements: what is known

  • The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, recently appointed a new head of the “special operation” in Ukraine. The Russian troops were led by General Sergei Surovikin, better known as the “Syrian Butcher”. After he took office, the aggressor state carried out a massive missile attack against Ukraine. This is Surovikin's “corporate style”, thanks to which he took his post.
  • At the same time, Surovikin suddenly started talking about the “friendship” of Ukrainians and Russians. The “Syrian Butcher” cynically stated that he wants Ukraine to be friendly to Russia, which kills dozens of Ukrainian civilians every day.
  • He also stated that the Russians will act “consciously and in a timely manner, not excluding the possibility of making the most difficult decisions “. Surovikin hinted at “difficult decisions” on Kherson, which Ukrainian soldiers are approaching. Probably Russia is preparing for another “goodwill gesture”.

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