The Kremlin announced a new foreign policy concept for Russia

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Peskov announced the finalization of the foreign policy concept of Russia, taking into account the situation in the world

The Kremlin announced a new foreign policy concept for Russia

Dmitry Peskov. Photo: Evgenia Novozhenina / Reuters

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov gave an interview to RIA Novosti. In it, he commented on the effectiveness of the disarmament talks, reported on the refinement of Russia's foreign policy concept and talked about the interaction between European countries and the United States.

Keep up with the times

The Kremlin spokesman announced a new foreign policy concept for Russia. He noted that documents in this area are undergoing changes, taking into account the current situation in the world.

And it will improve. But just considering what is happening now. In this regard, the situation is not static, it develops dialectically on our part.

The Kremlin announced a new foreign policy concept for Russia

Dmitry PeskovPress Secretary of the President of Russia

The press secretary of the President of Russia recalled that a week earlier, at the operational meeting of the permanent members of the Security Council, the key “outlines” of the country's new foreign policy concept were discussed.


The official representative of the Kremlin said that in the situation on disarmament issues “everything is not very good.” He predicted many years of difficult negotiations in this area. According to Peskov, within the framework of the disarmament dialogue, positional confrontations are expected, the effectiveness of which is in question.

Relations between Europe and the USA

In addition, Peskov spoke about the relationship between Europe and the United States. He stated that the European states are consistently and very vigorously striving to strengthen the direction of foreign policy and security in the integration processes.

However, this issue is “one of the pillars that has always been lame in the European Union”, and “Europeans are desperately trying to increase the foreign policy role of the European Union in world affairs.”

Peskov said that Europe is not quite able to strengthen its role in foreign policy. He explained this fact by the significant influence of Washington on the countries.

The United States has never experienced a lack of perseverance and even such a cowboy approach in trying to influence its partners in Europe, they bluntly state what needs to be done, and if someone does not agree with this, they directly say that they will be for it . It was, it is, it continues. And we are well aware of this.

The Kremlin announced a new foreign policy concept for Russia

Dmitry PeskovPress Secretary of the President of Russia

This situation contrasts markedly with the desire of Europe to become more sovereign in its interests in the international arena. Peskov expressed the hope that common sense will prevail and the Europeans will first of all “think about our common home, about Europe, where we live side by side and are direct neighbors.”

“You won't be forced to be nice”

Earlier, Peskov commented on Russia's relations with the West. He stressed that the country is interested in cooperation with European partners, with the United States – in the trade, economic, investment and security spheres.

However, “you won't be forced to be nice,” the Kremlin spokesman said. He stated that Russia plans to expand cooperation with those partners in relations with which there is reciprocity. Peskov called a normal situation when the lack of communication on one flank is compensated by communication on the other flank.

Crisis in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden, during negotiations with leaders of Western countries, the European Union and NATO, announced the date of Russia's attack on Ukraine. It is noted that the statement of the American leader was confirmed by several officials in the country. Washington warned partners that the Russian offensive was allegedly preceded by a flurry of missile strikes and cyber attacks.

February 16Russia will “invade” Ukraine

At the same time, European partners assessed this forecast with a grain of salt. For example, a diplomatic source at the Elysee Palace said that, unlike the United States, France sees no signs of escalation from Russia in Ukraine. An informant for the newspaper Figaro pointed out that there were no offensive plans in the speeches of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that American politicians have lied, are lying and will continue to lie in order to create pretexts for attacking civilians around the world. As an example, she recalled the words of US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who had previously announced a Russian invasion of Ukraine any day.

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