The Kremlin announced its readiness to listen to Biden's proposals on Ukraine

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The Kremlin has declared its readiness to listen to Biden's proposals on Ukraine

Speaker Putin also named an acceptable way for Moscow to “relieve tension in Donbass.”

Press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said in a live broadcast of the state “First Channel” that the Kremlin would “listen with interest” to the proposals of US President Joe Biden on the situation in Ukraine.

This was reported by the Russian edition of RBK.

According to Peskov, the Russian president will listen to Biden to see if his proposals can ease tensions in the region and resolve the conflict in Donbass.

At the same time, he voiced Moscow's position that lies in the fact that “tensions in the east of Ukraine” can be got rid of through guarantees from Kiev not to resolve the conflict in Donbass by force.

“We have heard for the appearance of the US President that he is going to this videoconference with concrete proposals on Ukraine, I mean, perhaps, on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. It is important. I think that President Putin will listen with great interest to these proposals and it will be possible to understand how they are capable of relieving tension, “Peskov said.

Recall that the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden will be held tomorrow , December 7, secured video link. Negotiations will begin around 18:00 Moscow time (ed. – 17:00 Kiev time). According to the Russian media, all communication will be closed.

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