The Kremlin has a plan to destroy the Baltic countries, – Shulipa on Russian military exercises in Kaliningrad


The Kremlin has a plan to destroy the Baltic states, – Shulip about Russian military exercises in Kaliningrad

Russia began military exercises/Getty Images

Russia has started military exercises in the Kaliningrad region after the cessation of transit through Lithuania. The authorities of the aggressor country even have their own plan.

Yes, Russia aims to “conquer” not only Ukraine, but it will not succeed. Yuri Shulipa, director of the Institute for the Study of Russian Aggression, told Channel 24 about this.

The Kremlin has a plan to destroy the Baltic countries, as well as Ukraine, he said.

Secondly, as the expert added, this is one of the attempts to seize these countries in the future.

“Here, by the way, after Lithuania complied with the requirements of the European Commission on blocking the transit of various Russian goods, Russia began training in the Kaliningrad region. Although this concept is purely symbolic, only the Russian side says so,” Shulipa said.

That is, as he explained, the very nature of the exercises emphasizes that the goal is to break through the so-called corridor in order to connect the Russian military forces, which are now in Belarus and in the Kaliningrad region.

Russian military exercises: what is known


  • Servicemen of the Russian Baltic Fleet conduct training for missile and artillery units in the Kaliningrad region.
  • About 1,000 servicemen and more than 100 units of military and special equipment from artillery and missile units were involved in the maneuvers.< /li>
  • This happened after Lithuania stopped passing through its territory transit trains with goods that fell under the sanctions of the European Union.
  • The Federation Council said that Russia would “have decided hands to solve issue by any means” if the EU does not correct the situation with the “blockade of Kaliningrad”.
  • True, Lithuania is a member of NATO, and an attack on this country would mean an attack on the entire Alliance, including the United States, France, German Lithuania and 26 other countries.
  • In Lithuania, they said that they only comply with the decision of the European Union on the sanctions imposed on Russia.

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