The Kremlin has a very long “death list” – Bellingcat investigator Grozev

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The Kremlin has a very long 'list of deaths'

According to the journalist, investigators know only a small number of people on the “death list.” strong>

The Russian authorities have a “death list” that is very long.

This was stated by the chief investigator of the international organization Bellingcat, journalist Hristo Grozev in an interview with Dmitry Gordon.

“… There is a list of deaths. And when you said that I was investigating the terror against Navalny (convicted Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny – ed.), – no, Navalny was one of the patients. And this the list is long. And we still know about 7-8% of the people who were on this list. This is the state machine of death, and this is the worst thing, “he said.

However, concrete Grozev did not disclose the names and surnames known from this Bellingcat list.

Recall that earlier Hristo Grozev said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “ the head of state of the murderers ” and “< strong> a head of state who constantly lies “.

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