“The Kremlin has run out of patience”: why Prigozhin’s influence has decreased in Russia


“The Kremlin has run out of patience”: why Prigozhin’s influence has decreased in Russia

The influence of the owner of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin in Russia is decreasing. This is a complex problem, but the Russian establishment has already run out of patience.

The fact is that Prigozhin promised the Kremlin a lot. At the same time, he could not win significant victories on the battlefield. This opinion was voiced by an ex-SBU employee and an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future to Channel 24 .

Why Prigozhin's influence in Russia is declining

In return, the loss of military equipment, manpower and time in Russia increased. Therefore, the Kremlin's patience ran out and it stopped believing in the promises of the owner of the Wagner PMC. Possibly, Prigozhin could still hold out on promises for a certain time, but completely ruined relations with the military.

Against the background of the lack of victories and spoiled relations, the military command of the aggressor country simply began to “drown” him.

Prigozhin still has a “political roof” in the form of Yuri Kovalchuk, but it is already “leaking” and Prigozhin has fewer and fewer opportunities to reach out to him,” the ex-SBU officer noted.

He also added that the Russian Ministry of Defense is pressuring the media with a demand not to mention Prigozhin and PMC Wagner in the messages at all. Thus, they are trying to gradually reduce his presence in the information field.

Stupak explained why Prigozhin is losing influence in Russia: watch the video

Conflicts in Russia move to a new plane

Conflicts in the aggressor country continue and turn into an endless plane – a vicious circle. So, the more Prigozhin criticizes the military, the more they begin to take revenge on him.

“The role of Prigozhin is gradually decreasing. He did not give what he promised at the beginning. The battle between him and the military is even greater,” the former SBU officer said.

In addition, other services have joined the military. Together, they are gradually pushing the owner of the Wagner PMC into the background. While he is trying to stay in the information field, because he understands that this is the key to saving his life.

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