The Kremlin has the last “Wishlist” that it pushes through the Mask


The Kremlin has one last Wishlist that it pushes through the Mask

Musk continues to engage in propaganda in the interests of the Kremlin, scaring him with a terrible nuclear war if the Ukrainian Armed Forces return to Crimea.

Why did Musk talk?

Actually, it doesn't matter, but something else is interesting. Through the mouth of Musk, the Kremlin is “bargaining” exclusively for Crimea. Like, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine go there, then for sure – “nuclear ashes”.


1. The Kremlin understands that the entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into Crimea is a reality in the near future.

2. The Kremlin has already “surrendered” all the other “Putin's conquests” and wants to hold its teeth only for Crimea.

3. Therefore, “specially trained Masks” are sent to promote these ideas to the West.

Conclusion? We work further.

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