The Kremlin is already threatening Japan: they again declare “militarization”


Kremlin is already threatening Japan: 'militarization' claims again

Russia accused Japan of alleged militarization and saw “serious challenges to its security.” Deputy Foreign Minister of the aggressor state Andrey Rudenko has already threatened that Moscow could take measures to “block military threats” if Tokyo does not stop such actions in the defense sphere.

He is quoted by the Russians propaganda media. Rudenko noted that Japan intends to unprecedentedly increase defense spending.

In addition, Japan is allegedly going to conduct large-scale military exercises near the Russian borders with the participation of non-regional partners and update defense and security documents to focus on “creating a strike potential.” Impressive, but the same actions of Russia, which attacked Ukraine, obviously do not bother Rudenko.

We view Tokyo's activity as a serious challenge to the security of our country and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. We warn you that if this practice continues, we will be forced to take appropriate adequate measures in order to block military threats to Russia,” said the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia. Hokkaido is 40 kilometers from Russia. The missiles will have a range of 1,000 kilometers.

Why Japan has decided to beef up its security

  • The Japanese government said earlier that it was considering deploying more 1,000 long-range cruise missiles due to recent events in Taiwan and Chinese military exercises.
  • Planned missiles will be modified to increase range from 100 to 1,000 kilometers and be able to reach coastal areas of North Korea and China.
  • They are also planning to improve them so that they can be launched from ships and fighters. An improved version of the ground-launched missiles is scheduled to be deployed in 2024, two years earlier than planned.

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