The Kremlin is feverishly trying to restore the fighting capacity of the army in Ukraine


The Kremlin is feverishly trying /></p>
<p>The Kremlin is frantically trying to restore the combat capability of the army in Ukraine/Getty Images</p>
<p _ngcontent-sc88= are making attempts to restore the combat capability of their units in Ukraine by removing Soviet equipment from conservation.

The main burden for compensating for losses in equipment has now fallen on the centers for ensuring the mobilization deployment of the Central Military District, namely 295 TsOMR in Omsk and 297 TsOMR in Abakan.

Almost 600 pieces of equipment

The armored service of the Western Military District removed 585 pieces of equipment from long-term storage within two weeks.

In addition to equipment, a large amount of ammunition is sent to the war zone, everything x types and calibers. It is noteworthy that approximately 20 – 30% of the sent ammunition removed from storage is unsuitable for use due to unsatisfactory storage and condition.

Defective ammunition

In particular, in the echelon with shells, critically damaged by corrosion phenomena, were visually observed in eight covered wagons with ammunition passing through the Chebarkul railway station in the Chelyabinsk region.

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