The Lancet suspected of hiding facts about coronavirus

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The Lancet suspected of hiding facts about coronavirus

The Lancet suspected of hiding facts about coronavirus

The medical journal The Lancet was suspected of hiding the facts about the new coronavirus infection. According to medical researcher, director of the Wellcome Trust Jeremy Farrar, from the very beginning, the publication had exclusive access to scientific works on pathogenesis, but did not use them for the benefit of people, writes The Daily Mail .

According to the expert, the data available to the magazine confirmed the transmission of the pathogen from person to person. Their release could significantly change the situation at the beginning of the pandemic. For example, stop the increase in the number of infections and save the lives of millions of people. But the editors of The Lancet did not publish the first studies of Chinese doctors, “when every second was counting,” and did not heed the advice of leading epidemiologists, Farrar said. “The world should have known about it immediately. Speed is perhaps more important than anything else during disease outbreaks, ”he added, noting that the evidence for the spread of the virus by asymptomatic carriers was also not made publicly available, which is significant.

Farrar recalled that in China, they started talking about the danger of the COVID-19 virus at the end of 2019, when the first cases of infection were recorded in the city of Wuhan. The expert suggested that the publication was under pressure from the PRC authorities, who did not want to disseminate this information.

Earlier, The Lancet magazine published an article about the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The authoritative publication published the results of the third phase of clinical trials. They confirm the safety and high efficiency of the drug – 91.6%. The publication says that the data obtained indicate that the drug is in no way inferior to American and European counterparts. In addition, the vaccine from Russia is more effective than the drugs made in China.

Bloomberg also wrote about the vaccine, noting that Russia has made the most significant scientific breakthrough since the days of the USSR.

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