The latest missiles are running out, but Russia recycles old ones: a military expert called the potential


The newest missiles are running out, but Russia is recycling the old ones: a military expert called the potential

Russians are finishing new missiles/Channel 24 Collage

The Russian army now has a lot of problems with missiles of a certain range. In particular, they are running out of new missiles.

Therefore, the infidels are re-equipping anti-aircraft missile systems and preparing S-300s for ground targets that are not intended for this. Military expert Pyotr Chernik told Channel 24 about this.

According to him, however, the Russians now have a shortage of new missiles – there are few of them left.

We are talking about these already infamous “Daggers”, which were only once launched on our territory, “Iskander” and “Caliber”. They are really running out already,” Chernik said.

The opinion that it is possible to remake the air defense system, say, the S-300, in order to defeat ground targets is true. The Russians are doing it and will continue to do it.

There is some good news

This also indicates that they have few heavy missiles. At the same time, the Russians can put middle-class missiles Kh-31 and Kh-59 “on the conveyor”. They probably already did it. The Russians have enough of them. So don't relax just yet.

Russians are running out of new missiles: watch the video

Political scientist named the only weapon that Russia has in its arsenal

  • Political scientist Taras Semenyuk told Channel 24 that the aggressor country is afraid to admit defeat on the battlefield. That is why he threatens Ukraine if he receives Western weapons and abruptly changes his plans.
  • However, as the political scientist noted, “the only thing that Russia now has in its arsenal” is a long-range weapon launched from strategic aircraft. However, the Ukrainian defenders manage to shoot down at least half of these missiles.

“If the West gives us counter-battery launchers and air defense systems, obviously, we will shoot down surrender as well,” the expert is sure.

  • At the same time, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced agreements that Ukraine will receive new air defense systems from partners that will help destroy enemy missiles.

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