The launching of the Russian Iskander SMS message has been announced

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Launching Russian

The command to launch the missile of the Iskander complex to the combat crew comes in the form of a text message “Go to readiness 1”, called by the military SMS, Rossiyskaya Gazeta found out.

According to the newspaper, “the message has an invisible part: the coordinates of the target, a set of numbers and symbols that a computer can understand.” “Having received the order to shoot, the crew is battened down in the cockpit, the received code is entered into the on-board computer, then the commander presses the“ Mode ”button, and then the machine acts independently: it spins the rocket's gyroscopes, lowers the supports, opens the roof, raises the rocket, and so on,” explains edition.

The newspaper writes that “preparation for launch takes eight minutes, within seven the command can be canceled”, and the rocket can be launched not only from the cockpit, but “from the street”: “For this, there is a remote control panel in the side of the vehicle under the armored flap. It also has a scoreboard and two buttons. They must be pressed simultaneously. “

In January, Izvestia, citing sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, reported that reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in particular, the Forpost, would be used to target Iskander-M operational-tactical complexes (OTRK).

In December 2020, the American magazine The National Interest stated that this OTRK could become obsolete.

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