The lawyer explained what complaints about social networks Roskomnadzor will not accept

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The lawyer explained what complaints about social networks Roskomnadzor will not accept

Roskomnadzor started keeping a register of social networks. The sites on the list will have to promptly remove illegal content, as well as respond to user claims. Anastasia Krymskaya, an expert at the Digital Rights Center law firm, author of the Digital Rights Telegram channel, explained to Sekret Firmy which complaints about the social network Roskomnadzor would not accept. Spoiler alert: there should be no swearing.

At the end of 2020, amendments to the Law “On Information” were adopted, which dealt with social networks. In order for the new norms to work in practice, Roskomnadzor must adopt regulations, which it is doing now, Krymskaya said.

According to the amendments, large sites must monitor publications and remove illegal materials. In particular, information should not be disseminated that defames individual citizens or entire categories of users.

If the owner of the social network cannot assess for himself whether the information complies with the law, he can turn to Roskomnadzor for help. He, in turn, sends information to authorized government agencies or makes a decision on his own.

How to challenge a lock

The government has already passed a decree that regulates the rules for resolving disputes between social networks and their users about the “cleaned up” when monitoring content. The author of the deleted post can contact the administration of the social network with a request to cancel the blocking. If the network does not satisfy the complaint, you can write to Roskomnadzor.

“You can complain to Roskomnadzor through an electronic form on the website of the federal service. A response must be given within 30 days. Roskomnadzor has the right to decide that the content should be restored, ”the expert said.

Krymskaya noted that “the complaint will not be considered if obscene, offensive language is used, as well as threats to the officials of Roskomnadzor and their families.”

The interlocutor added that social networks included in the Roskomnadzor register can also be fined under the Code of Administrative Offenses on restricting access to information. The fine can be up to 4 million rubles.

About the register of social networks

On September 22, Roskomnadzor announced the creation of a Russian register of social networks. It already includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Likee, TikTok, YouTube, as well as VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

“Telegram is not included in the list, probably because it does not fall under the definition of a social network, which is contained in the amendments. They apply to resources where users can create personal pages through which information is disseminated. Perhaps later, Roskomnadzor will consider Telegram channels as personal pages and will also include it in the list, “Krymskaya said.

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