The lawyer explained which countries will implement the decision of the tribunal over Putin


The lawyer explained which countries will implement the decision of the tribunal over Putin

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Decisions of the Special Tribunal in The Hague apply to countries that accept the jurisdiction of this document. This will definitely apply to EU countries.

About it on airChannel 24said the lawyer, public figure Tatyana Kozachenko. According to her, countries that have representation in the European Parliament recognize the norms and facts that will be established and put forward in the court decision as valid in these countries.

“Therefore, if Vladimir Putin has friends in other countries, where he can fly and communicate, there will be less and less such territories,” the lawyer believes.

Putin will be isolated

According to Kozachenko, the Moscow dictator will be increasingly isolated until there are more grounds for the format of relations to change and justice to reach him.

This path will not be quick. Everyone understands that in order to comply with the decision of the international tribunal, no one will invade or take over Russia. This is not how court decisions work, the lawyer is convinced.

According to her, in order to comply with the court decision, certain events must occur. But when everything works out, decisions must be made on the hands, crimes must be proven. There must be a correct assessment in order for any court to be objective, comprehensive and uphold the rule of law and hold the perpetrators accountable.

How Putin will be judged: watch the video

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">Court for Putin

  • The UN is pushing ahead with a draft resolution that calls for the creation of a special tribunal against Russia's military-political leadership. The Nuremberg Tribunal is offered as a model.
  • White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that Iran is involved in crimes committed by Russians in our territories. From the point of view of the US authorities, Tehran should be punished.
  • The International Criminal Court does not have its own prison for the long-term detention of criminals. The institution has agreements with 14 countries of the world where criminals can be transferred for detention. Russian war criminals can be sent to both Norway and Mali.

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