The lieutenant general explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are studying on the Leopard, if they still have not been given to us


The lieutenant general explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are studying on the Leopard, if we still don’t have them given

The Ukrainian side must be proactive. To resist the new Russian mobilized, who will soon be sent to the front line by the enemy, should be well prepared.

About this Channel 24said Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, retired military expert Igor Romanenko. According to him, the conduct of battles on Leopard tanks requires a long training. “> Igor Romanenko said that the situation at the front is serious, so we need to start preparing now. In addition, Ukraine should take a proactive stance in obtaining increased support from Western partners.

In his opinion, there is still a point in the advance preparation of tankers. The main advantage is the availability of time.

The military expert emphasized that training on the German Marder tracked combat vehicles lasts 8 weeks, that is, 2 months. It is likely that it takes longer to master Leopard tanks.

About tanks, they will probably say that training is more difficult and it takes up to 3 months, – explained he.

According to Romanenko, although there is no final decision yet, however, 3 months is exactly the period of time during which the Russians will be able to put 300,000 mobilized people on alert.

Igor Romanenko told why Ukrainian tankers will be taught to practice with Leopard before the actual transfer of equipment: watch the video

Retired Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized that such a large number of Russians is a force.

“And even if you put so many people with sticks, it's already a problem,” he said.

In his opinion, Russia has reserves of resources. During the conduct of hostilities in the Donetsk region, the enemy strengthens his personnel during the day.

“Mobilized in front, and then regular military units and units of the Russian Armed Forces – we see this kind of tactics” , Romanenko emphasized.

According to him, the Russians do not pay attention to losses.

The Zhukovsky principle that Russian women are still giving birth is being implemented,” he said.

Russian propaganda, nurtured over the years, is no less important. It was formed by Russian President Vladimir Putin “for petrodollars.” This is also reflected in the war against Ukraine.

Provision of Leoprard tanks to Ukraine: breaking news

  • On January 20, a meeting in the Rammstein format was held in Germany. Ukraine's partners did not come to a common decision on the transfer of Leopard tanks.
  • This position caused a flurry of negative emotions not only among Ukrainians. After the meeting, many Germans protested. People demanded to provide Ukraine with the necessary battle tanks.
  • The government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz denied the claim that Germany is preventing the transfer of tanks. In turn, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that the partners did not come to a consensus. In addition, there are good reasons against the supply of tanks. At the same time, Pistorius said he had instructed officials to check Germany's stock of Leopard 2 tanks so that the country could “act quickly” in the event of a “positive decision”.
  • To such a statement by the Minister defense reacted sharply Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Melnik. He stressed that Germany must finally decide on the supply of tanks, because time is of the essence.

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