The main centers of strikes of the Belarusian army have already been identified, – Makaruk listed the places of Ukraine


The main centers of strikes of the Belarusian army have already been determined, – Makaruk listed the places of Ukraine

The goals of the Belarusian army in Ukraine have already been determined/Getty images

Everything that is happening in Belarus now bears little resemblance to defense. They are being mobilized from the reserve, Belarusian soldiers are learning to build pontoon crossings “for protection.” But pontoon crossings are an attack.

Mikhail Makaruk, a public figure and press secretary of Informnapalm, told Channel 24 about this. He also noted that the import of weapons should not be overlooked either, S-300 or S-4000 are constantly brought there, but Belarusians are unlikely to sit at the control panel.

Everyone says that Belarusians do not know how to fight, and indeed it is. But the conditional 20 thousand manpower or even 5 thousand will delay our defenders, says Makaruk.

“And when the first coffins are sent to Belarus, Russian propaganda will start screeching that “Ukrainian fascists killed Belarusian boys”. Thus, the Belarusians will simply be set against us,” the representative of Informnapalm adds.

The First Chechen War will be repeated – first they sent cattle (conscripts) to their deaths, and then others, this is already a worked out scenario, says Mikhail Makaruk.

The main task of the Belarusians will be to cut our roads in the west-center direction for the army to communicate, – the journalist notes .

The main strike points for the Belarusian army have already been determined:

  • Kovel;
  • Varash;
  • Sarny;
  • Ovruch;
  • Chernivtsi.

” Therefore, when certain experts tell me why we keep combat brigades in western Ukraine, it is precisely in order to prevent the implementation of this scenario,” Makaruk sums up.

What is the probability of an attack from Belarus according to other sources

It is known that Belarus has concentrated 7 battalions on the border with Ukraine. In the border areas, additional measures are being taken to equip checkpoints with engineering equipment and additional electronic warfare equipment is being deployed. However, these troops and equipment are still not enough to organize an attack.

The Institute for War Research agrees with these theses. According to them, the army of Belarus is not a combat-ready force. It has insufficient funds, low combat readiness and no real combat experience, unlike the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, Lukashenka needs an army in order to maintain his regime.

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