The main list is less public – a military expert explained the list of weapons for victory


The main list is less public, – the military expert explained the list of weapons to win

Recently, Mikhail Podolyak published a rough list of weapons that we need to win the war against Russia. Most likely, this will really be enough and she will help us drive the enemy out of our land.

Military expert Alexander Musienko shared this with Channel 24. He also noted that it is unlikely that Ukraine will receive weapons from the list in one tranche. And everyone who says that this is unrealistic, and we will not be given so many weapons, are mistaken.

“I can not agree that this is impossible, we know perfectly well that the enemy has an insane advantage in artillery, for example , in Severodonetsk, continuous shelling lasted 36 hours,” says Musienko.

The calculations of weapons were carried out taking into account military needs and the tasks set: we need to achieve parity in the strength of artillery fire, at least, the expert notes. According to him, that is why such striking, at first glance, figures are given in need.

A specific list of necessary weapons for Ukraine from the OP

  • 1000 howitzers of 155 mm caliber;< /li>
  • 300 MLRS;
  • 500 tanks;
  • 2,000 armored vehicles;
  • 1,000 drones.

Why does the idea arise that we will not be given such a quantity of weapons and it is impossible. Currently, both Europe and NATO are revising military doctrines, the expert explains.

The United States has already sent its specialists to Europe to study combat in Ukraine – this changes all systems of collective action and we will see these changes for sure, – Alexander Musienko convinces.

Why the expectations of the partners in the war did not come true

Our partners believed that cyber confrontation would play an important role, that high-precision weapons would be used – all this is not there, the enemy is forcing artillery duels, heavy equipment is also still in the game.

The United States and Great Britain promised to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons< /h4>

The Ukrainian authorities are asking their partners for modern air defense systems to defend against Russian missiles, and heavy weapons to strike at enemy positions.

On June 1, Ukraine received a positive signal from the United States of America, which approved the 11th military aid package for our country. The aid package includes the provision of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine – these systems are capable of hitting targets at a distance of more than 64 kilometers, which is more than any other artillery system currently in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to ruthlessly destroy the enemy

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 32,300 Russian invaders have been sent to the next world. This figure, announced by the General Staff, is approximate. This is because it is simply impossible to calculate the real losses of the enemy.

In addition, the number of enemy scrap is growing, scattered across the territory of Ukraine. In particular: 1432 tanks, 3492 armored combat vehicles, 718 artillery systems, 226 MLRS, 97 air defense units, 2460 vehicles and tankers, as well as 54 units of special equipment.

The equipment of the enemy also became less by 213 aircraft, 178 helicopters, 585 operational-tactical UAVs, 125 cruise missiles and 13 smaller ships.

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