The main thing is not money, but self-realization: how is the dialogue with the authorities beneficial for the IT industry

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The main thing is not money, but self-realization: how is the dialogue with the authorities beneficial for the IT industry

The IT cluster in the city, it seems, has the main thing – it is not interfered with, there are no special officials who would oversee you in Smolny. Are you happy about that?

The city cannot do a lot for the industry, because in many ways this is the prerogative of the federal government. On this line, we are working closely with the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. In addition to the approval of benefits, the state last year adopted a number of laws that greatly change the situation in IT. Firstly, it is the law on digital assets, which brought blockchain technology back into the legal field. Secondly, the regime of regulatory sandboxes, which is very important, because it allows you to speed up the process of introducing IT into the real economy of Russia.

At what stage is the discussion of pilot regulatory sandboxes now?

The second big block is medicine, where the main problem is the use of big data. It is necessary to make sure that the generalized data can be used for other tasks: to prevent diseases, to speed up the work of ambulances, and so on. Now regulation does not allow this.

There is also a project related to the creation of a digital financial asset based on intellectual property. And finally, there is a project on the use of quantum cryptography, which is being implemented by Russian Railways together with partners. This is applicable in the same medicine. In order not to carry a bunch of papers, you can transfer data over an encrypted channel from Moscow to St. Petersburg. These documents are not classified as classified, but the use of quantum cryptography allows for increased protection.

There are estimates that the Russian market will lack 3 million specialists by 2030. Is it really true that the economy needs IT specialists in such quantities?

Therefore, if you set such a super task, then you need 3 million professionals. And if you don’t bet, then 300 thousand people will be enough, but you will go to pick bananas in the trees.

Are IT companies ready to reinvest the profits that remain after all the benefits provided by the government?

Therefore, it is necessary to develop digital sandboxes so that you can quickly introduce new technologies, adopt new regulations, so that you can work in a new financial paradigm, not in dollars, not in yuan or euros, but in new digital financial assets. Then it will definitely be interesting to our people. They are ready for this, they know how to do it, the main thing for them is the implementation of their ideas, not money.

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