The main thing is not to lose Ukraine – an exclusive interview with Danilov about the Russian offensive


The main thing is not to lose Ukraine, – exclusive interview with Danilov about the Russian offensive

Exclusive interview with Danilov/Channel 24 Collage, author Sergey Matusovsky

NSDC Secretary Danilov believes that the temporary retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the loss of territories during the hostilities is not a tragedy, because the main thing is to save the country.

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council said this in an exclusive interview on YouTube channel 24. He also spoke about what is happening now in the Lugansk region, the conditions under which the captured soldiers from Azovstal are, and what is known about Putin's agents in Ukraine. that now the main thing is not to lose the country. If we lose part of this or that territory, we will definitely return it. Our president and our military speak about it. The main thing is not to lose strategically, Danilov emphasized.

About the situation in the Luhansk region

Luhansk region is the hottest point of the front in Ukraine. Now fierce battles are going on for Severodonetsk. The situation there is complicated and changes every time. The enemy has a lot of artillery, aviation and a powerful military arsenal. And Russian troops constantly use all this against our positions.

Danilov also noted that Ukraine, unfortunately, suffers losses in this direction every day. Many soldiers are wounded. He also admitted that his comrade was also in a difficult condition with injuries.

About the Azov soldiers in captivity

The Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol, who heroically held the defense at the Azovstal plant, and are now captured by the invaders, will be exchanged for captured Russians. Now they are not in the best conditions, but they are doing well.

Today they are not in comfortable conditions, it must be admitted. At least they are alive and well,” said Danilov.

And added that they at least have food and water. However, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council noted that you need to understand that our soldiers are now with the enemy.

“We will hope that sooner or later they will return to our country. Ukraine is doing everything in its power. However, a lot of information is now closed so that all these processes do not fail,” Danilov added.

Reference.< /strong> Currently, 2,439 Ukrainian defenders, who heroically defended Mariupol and fulfilled all the tasks of the leadership, were forced to be captured by the Russians.

Will there be negotiations with Russia

Volodymyr Zelensky said that partners from the West are pushing Ukraine to negotiate with Russia in their own interests. However, negotiations are a complex issue. First you need to consult with the society.

That is, as Danilov noted, if the Ukrainian society does not accept negotiations with Russia, a difficult situation may begin inside Ukraine.

Interview with Alexei Danilov on channel 24: watch the video

Danilov responded to Putin's threats

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is threatening to hit with missiles “where he hasn't hit yet.” All because of the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council explained that the Kremlin head suggests that we should not receive weapons, surrender and sign a surrender.

“I am categorically against such events and believe that a completely different country should sign the surrender. This is my public position. And the fact that Putin can damage any of our cities with his missiles, unfortunately, is a fact,” Danilov added.

And he stressed that if we had enough funds to defend ourselves, this would significantly help to drive the enemy out of our territories. That is why negotiations with partners continue.

On the risk of an offensive by Belarus

Russia has long occupied the territory of Belarus. Given this, the aggressor country can at any time decide on Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian military leadership is ready for any development of events.

On Szijjarto's statement about Zelensky's alleged “mental problems”

The speaker of the Hungarian parliament spoke about the alleged “mental problems” of Vladimir Zelensky. The very statement of Laszlo Kever and the fact that Peter Szijjarto supported these shameful words about the Ukrainian president are completely different situations. According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine may send a note to Peter Szijjarto.

About the threat from Putin's “gauleiters”

Now, due to the use of available communication channels, the “repainted” enemy, the media “Gauleiters” of Vladimir Putin, as well as the media service of Viktor Yanukovych, crawl out on all channels.

They are trying to reorganize and psychologically destabilize our society. Danilov noted that these “gauleiters” put on embroidered shirts and stand in the national patriotic ranks.

About Putin's agents in Ukraine

In addition to the voiced accusations against Viktor Medvedchuk, Russia created and financed pro-Russian forces along different chains.

“I think that in the near future we will be able to learn a lot of interesting things and details about how all these groups of influence were formed and how it happened,” Danilov said.

< p>And he added that if someone thinks that he will be able to continue to carry out Putin’s orders here in a canned form and be a hidden Gauleiter, then the Security Service of Ukraine and intelligence will “work out these issues.”

Danilov about “good Russians”

“Everyone had to decide on their views in the early days of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine,” Danilov emphasized.

Those people who decided during February 24 – 27, they deserve respect. Those who saw that “we will succeed” and began to repaint – it will not work like that, – assured the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

In his opinion, now even more Russians will go over to the Ukrainian side. Many who wish will be among Russian media workers.

Nevzorov does not have Ukrainian citizenship

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov recently announced that he has received Ukrainian citizenship. However, it turned out that in fact he does not have a Ukrainian passport yet. He only applied to receive it.

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