The man chased away the relatives who arranged a surprise for him because of one fact


Reddit user chased relatives who made noise on the street because of a newborn son

The man chased away the relatives who arranged a surprise for him because of one fact

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Reddit user unsureuncle shared a story of falling out with his family over one fact. The man complained that relatives secretly came to his house to wish him a Merry Christmas, and began to make a lot of noise in the street, which almost woke his newborn child.

The author of the post said that for the past few days he has been looking after his son while his mother is recovering from the accident. “I am not used to being a father yet, and now it is very difficult for me. I didn’t sleep all last night because I had to feed my son all the time and change his diapers. The child clearly lacks his mother, and therefore he is a lot of capricious, “- said the man.

According to the narrator, shortly before Christmas, he warned his mother and other relatives that he would not celebrate the holiday with them, because he was very tired and wanted to spend more time with his son. However, this fact did not bother his loved ones, and they arranged a surprise for the man: they came to his house and wished him a Merry Christmas. The family's act angered the author of the post. The man did not like that the relatives were noisy and almost woke the child up. As a result, he drove the relatives away.

“My mom and the rest of my relatives went berserk when I demanded that they leave immediately. Now my relatives accuse me of ruining their Christmas, because all they wanted to do was arrange a surprise and see my son, ”concluded the user.

The man's post received hundreds of comments. Most of the users supported his decision to drive the family away. “You set clear boundaries and they tried to break them. What, in their opinion, should have happened in this case? “,” The family did not care, so they ignored your request. This surprise was not for you and not for the child, “the users wrote.

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