The man hit the jackpot and got burned on the theft of sneakers

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The man hit the jackpot and got burned stealing sneakers

The Briton pleaded guilty, but this did not help to avoid punishment.

A resident of the British city of Kitley, West Yorkshire , hit the jackpot. However, later on he was put on trial for stealing sneakers.

This is reported by The Mirror.

In 2018, 43-year-old courier David Swatman won a large amount in the instant lottery. His winnings amounted to 100 thousand pounds. After winning the lottery, the man announced that he would spend money on traveling to the matches of his beloved Liverpool football club.

Two years later, the police detained the Briton on suspicion that he had stolen from his employer, Foot Asylum, shoes worth £15,000. The crime became known when the company discovered a discrepancy between the number of boxes of shoes being taken out of the warehouse and the volume of deliveries to the base in Manchester.

Surveillance footage shows that Swatman repeatedly stopped on the way and transferred the goods to another car . As a result, five boxes and two bags of sneakers were never delivered to their destination.

During interrogation, Swatman admitted the theft. Swatman was given a 20-month suspended prison sentence, as well as five days of rehabilitation, 150 hours of community service and £425 in legal fees.

The judge expressed surprise that the case was in court after only two years, although the man immediately pleaded guilty. He noted that the perpetrator of the theft showed sincere remorse.

Recall that in Canada, 18-year-old Juliette Lamour bought lottery ticket for the first time on her birthday and won 48 million Canadian dollars at once ( 36 million USD).

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